Source from China

We help companies become more competitive and profitable through successfully sourcing a wide range of products from China.

China supplies nearly 80% of low-cost products worldwide. Companies are increasingly seeking suppliers in China in order to maintain a competitive edge and increase profitability.


From homeware to heavy machinery, AClink is your source.

Whether your need is for off-the-shelf products or custom made to your specifications, we can source everything ranging from raw material to luxurious products, across a range of industries including automotive, construction, food & wine, electronics, mining and retail.


Understanding the risk

Sourcing products from foreign countries can result in costly mistakes in both time and money. Challenges typically include –

  • language obstacles,
  • cultural gaps,
  • complexity of importation, and
  • the high cost of international transportation.

We can help

To mitigate risk it is important to find a reliable business consultant with extensive knowledge and resources in China, including –

  • a rich local supplier network,
  • skill in negotiating pricing,
  • fluency in language and local dialects,
  • knowledge of local culture and business etiquette,
  • access to manufacturing sites in order to track progress, oversee quality and ensure projects are managed to completion as agreed. (This might be the most important factor in overcoming quality issues.)

AClink can help source the right product at the right price regardless of whether this is an off-the-shelf item or something which is custom made to your specifications.

How we work

Although most of our clients prefer us to supply a landed (FOB or delivered) product price, we offer several methods of working with customers. These include –

  • Sourcing, Supplying & Shipping Product to Accepted Prices and Terms
    • In this instance, we honour all quoted prices, regardless of circumstance. What we quote is what you pay.
    • Once the quote and product samples are signed off, a 30% deposit is required on order, with the balance due prior to shipping.


  • Developing & Sourcing Product to an Agreed Fee – If you have a product development or process development project we will quote you either a fixed fee or a monthly retainer fee for the period of the development. Likewise, in this scenario, what we quote you is what you pay.


  • Sourcing, Supplying & Shipping Product on a Commission Structure – this option is typically available for large, repeating orders.


If you would like to discuss sourcing products from China please contact us on 08 9302 2659 or email us at