Export to China

We export a variety of Australian products including meat and wool to China and we can guide you through the maze of exporting to China  – and help you to successfully promote your products in China through the right channels.

Attracted by its 1.3 billion population and increasing consumption power, many manufacturers hope to promote their brands in China.

China is vast – a different approach is needed in different regions

The difficulties companies encounter begin with China’s vast territory and diverse market disparities that embrace different cultures and consumption habits. For this reason a different approach is needed in different regions for aspects such as advertising, public relations, point-of-sale promotion, word-of-mouth promotion, and promotion through distributors. Managing this is particularly difficult for SMEs due to their manpower, financial and time constraints.

How to go about appointing the right distributor

To address this, most businesses seek to appoint distributors or agents to indirectly distribute their products to a wide area. These distributors and agents are also responsible for market development, brand promotion, warehousing and transport.

However, finding a suitable and effective distributor is by no means easy, particularly for foreign companies that also have to contend with language barriers and cultural differences, as well as insufficient knowledge of local regulations, not to mention the credibility of distributors.

This is where AClink come in. We can help by –

  • Translating promotional items such as websites, brochures, etc.
  • Using our network to – find out the background of different distributors and the products they represent, finding a reputable distributor, and assisting you to establish a sound relationship with them.
  • Minimising risks and protecting your business – avoiding issues resulting from poor distribution systems, inadequate supervision of your operations in China, and ambiguous accounting systems which can lead to all kinds of financial problems.
  • Accompanying company representatives to China and provide interpreting services during business visits and negotiations.
If you would like to assess the feasibility of exporting to China or improve an existing distribution arrangement please contact us on 08 9302 2659 or email info@aclink.com.au